Enviik is a esports organization which started in January 2018 with the goal of establishing a foothold as a world-leading esports brand. Our mission is to gain a foothold in the rapidly expanding global esports market which is estimated to reach $2.3 billion by 2022. Enviik was built on the ideology that through proper guidance anyone can be a better version of themselves and from that, we provide individuals with business fundamentals that they can utilize for their professional careers and apply in other aspects of life.

Enviik is the fastest-growing esports franchise in the Nordics. Located in Sweden, we've had a growing presence worldwide as we aim to have players and streamers that demonstrate teamwork, perseverance and sportsmanship. 

The growth we’ve had from inception does not happen often in the esports industry. With no financial backing, we’ve become a name on Nordic esports landscape in just 1.5 years and are expanding for every day. Establishing ourselves as a force, we’ve been able to scout players and talents to help grow the brand with an initiative in place to grow our influence. 

The Enviik brand stands for professionalism and commitment. Those values that we bring to our gameplay are the same values we will bring to our fans and partners. Additionally, it is our mission to spread positivity. Beyond being successful in games themselves, we aim to create a community embracing of all people and viewpoints, empowering those that seek to make gaming a positive force in the world. 

Behind Enviik there is more than just a yellow and white shield. The fans, the stories, the players, the people and the partners are what give our shield strength. Our values mean a significant deal to us and define us not only as a club, a company but as a family. We have the required skills, experience and education to bring success for everyone involved with Enviik.